Superstar Items for Superstar Collectors
Superstar Items for Superstar Collectors
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Superstar Scramble Guidelines

At Superstars of the Game, our mission is to connect fans with their favorite teams and players. Whether that is in person at our public autograph events, with our signed memorabilia found online at, or with our signed memorabilia social media scrambles, we want you to have the opportunity to display your fandom at your home or office.

What is a Scramble?

  1. We take the value of an item and divide it equally among spots that can be purchased right here at Each Superstar Scramble only allows purchases up to the specific total number of spots available in that specific Scramble.
  2. Spots are filled in the order in which payments are received.
  3. After all spots are filled, we will use Facebook Live to run the giveaway live for all to see.
  4. During the Facebook live video, we will make use of to scramble the spots an announced number of times (called rounds). We will clearly announce the number of rounds prior to the start of the scramble on Facebook Live.
  5. is a paid service that will provide us with a unique verification code that can be used up to thirty (30) days after the Scramble to verify the legitimacy of the Scramble and the results of each round of the Scramble.

Scramble Guidelines

  • Superstar Scrambles are in now way sponsored, endorsed, administered by, or associated with Facebook, Twitter, or Shopify.
  • Superstar Scrambles participants must have a shipping address in the United States.
  • Superstar Scrambles must reach a minimum of 90% capacity within thirty (30) days of their release date in order to be scrambled. Any spots purchased in a Superstar Scramble that does not run will be fully reimbursed to the payment method on file.
  • Following the Superstar Scramble, we will give the Scramble winner seven (7) days to contact us to verify their mailing address. If we do not hear from them within seven (7) days, we will make every effort to contact the winner using the email address they provided when purchasing their spot in the Scramble.
  • We will strive to ship the scrambled item to the recipient within ten (10) days of the completed Superstar Scramble.